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Clacton Coastal Academy

About Us

Clacton Coastal Academy offers high, quality teaching, a clear sense of purpose and outstanding facilities. As Headteacher, along with the teachers and other professional staff working in the academy, we are here to offer commitment and support to your child, to open minds and to open doors to new and exciting opportunities for our young people. The Academy does not function in the same way as a traditional school. Our independent status gives us a flexibility that enables us to be innovative and creative in our approaches to organisation, curriculum and teaching. We are at the forefront of curriculum innovation in making a personalised learning journey for your child a reality.

We want our students to be challenged by new and exciting learning experiences and have their personal skills, talents and abilities extended to ensure they achieve their potential. At Clacton Coastal Academy, we strongly believe that this combination is essential in ensuring that all students achieve at the highest level possible and develop a real sense of belief in what they can do.

As an independent school, our expectations are very high &mdash attendance, behaviour, uniform and attitudes to learning are all monitored closely to achieve excellence and we demand the very best from all students in order to make our best better. In return, we aim to offer the highest quality of teaching and learning from very committed and highly skilled staff. The Academy provides a safe, secure and inspiring learning environment &mdash your child will be cared for, their self confidence nurtured and mutual respect developed.

Clacton Coastal Academy is proud to be part of a wider family of Academies within the Academies Enterprise Trust and the opportunities for support, innovation, collaboration, partnership and excellence that ensures we fulfil our duty to inspire young people to make their best better.

We look forward to welcoming you to Clacton Coastal Academy.

Our Mission Statement

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Clacton Coastal Academy is a key member of Academies Enterprise Trust (AET), the operational arm of the Greensward Charitable Trust, which is a federation of academies created to provide thousands of students/pupils with the best possible education.

AET aims to provide the opportunity for all young learners to fulfil their real potential, broaden their horizons and become active, prosperous and successful citizens in the world around them. AET believes that all young people deserve to become world class learners - to learn, enjoy, succeed and thrive in a first rate educational environment, with the best facilities, the best teaching and the most up to date resources available to them.

AET is committed to doing everything it can to ensure that young people are able to, in the future, compete on the world stage with the skills, confidence and flair to generate new ideas, new initiatives and thereby make a full contribution to tomorrow's world.

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