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Four Dwellings Primary School

About Us

Four Dwellings Primary Academy is a key member of Academies Enterprise Trust (AET), the operational arm of the Greensward Charitable Trust, which is a federation of academies created to provide thousands of students/pupils with the best possible education.

AET aims to provide the opportunity for all young learners to fulfil their real potential, broaden their horizons and become active, prosperous and successful citizens in the world around them. AET believes that all young people deserve to become world class learners - to learn, enjoy, succeed and thrive in a first rate educational environment, with the best facilities, the best teaching and the most up to date resources available to them.

AET is committed to doing everything it can to ensure that young people are able to, in the future, compete on the world stage with the skills, confidence and flair to generate new ideas, new initiatives and thereby make a full contribution to tomorrow's world.

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Our Mission Statement

At Four Dwellings Primary Academy we want children to have fun whilst learning and to this end we will endeavor to offer a wide variety of experiences that challenge, interest and inspire our children (CE7). We are committed to continually developing our curriculum (in line with children's interests) in order to ensure we offer best practice in learning and teaching (L2/CE8/CE4).

We want to develop children who are independent and self reflective (L5). Children who understand the importance of decision making and how making good choices will improve their lives (CR2). We will give them opportunities to take part in decision making in school, whether this be on an interpersonal level, within their classrooms or in the wider context of whole school business.

There will be discussion and interaction with adults who understand the need to help children with relationships, and wherever possible we will reach outcomes that satisfy all parties within the behaviour management systems of the school. Our behaviour management is based on the principles of Restorative Justice in order to build on the community spirit fostered within the school and to ensure pupils understand the importance of respect, honesty and taking responsibility for their own actions CE3/CR3/CR4).

We believe the more investment the children make in running the school on a day to day basis the more responsibility they will take to ensure the school is a safe (CE1), secure and open place, where all members understand how to help the school community be a place of excellence in all respects. The children are required to take responsibility for the smooth running of the school through taking on roles of responsibility such as: membership of the school council, being school monitors, class helpers and peer buddies to younger children. Such roles will offer the pupils opportunities to take part in the ‘world of work’ through our economic development scheme in school. They will receive credits for the work they do and gain a chosen reward for their labours. Older pupils will be expected to support younger ones through paired education in reading and maths (L1).

Every child's needs are important and where we find children unable to access the curriculum and activities we offer, we will work hard to discover what type of difficulties they may be experiencing. We will endeavour to meet those needs either in-house or with our partners and external agencies in order to support them to become independent and successful learners.

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