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We think a university should be about empowering people to explore what they don’t know; through passionate, dedicated teaching and innovative, world-changing research. By embracing the fact that we’re all coming at it from a slightly different place, and that every journey is personal, we’ve managed to achieve some remarkable results in our time.

We believe that the best universities are not just the privilege of elites. We’re proof that you can stand alongside the best and open up the competition for everyone.

Some universities consider their primary purpose to be high quality research, others concentrate on excellent teaching. At Leicester we think that the two are not only complementary, they’re inseparable. We believe that teaching is more inspirational when delivered by passionate scholars engaged in world-changing research – and that research is stronger when delivered in an academic community that includes students.

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The University's research plays an important role in a changing world. Here we describe a series of Global Challenges that our research seeks to address.

From the invention of genetic fingerprinting, pioneering space explorations through to our search for King Richard III - our work is world leading and impactful.

Our Global Challenges are a way in which this work from across the University comes together to really make a difference to everyone involved in the process and the world beyond.

These are our Global Challenges. No matter if our researchers are using a microscope or a telescope, an ancient text or a super computer, working on galactic or a sub atomic scale – their work will be contributing to progress against one of these challenges:

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